Our workplace

Reykjavik Energy is a dynamic workplace with a lively social life. Reykjavik Energy and the STOR staff union organise a multitude of events every year: Easter bingo, the Orkuvision song contest, the annual ball, autumn trips into Thórsmörk, a family day in Elliðaárdalur and numerous Christmas events. In addition to this, employees have founded many clubs focused on their interests, such as golf, horse riding, cycling and handiwork. On top of these jointly organised events, individual divisions and departments often organise various smaller events to bring people together and create a fun working environment.

Employees have the option of working out in the good facilities of Bræðslan where there are also fixed classes in, among other things, crossfit, dance fitness and yoga.

In the workplace a great deal of emphasis is placed on ensuring the staff have quality time in and outside work and that they manage to harmonise work with their private and family lives. Working hours are flexible where possible and we welcome children in the workplace.

„Good and appetising food

Benedikt Jónsson

"I work in the well-equipped kitchen of Reykjavik Energy and take care of everything connected to food and catering for all our working facilities. We place an emphasis on first class raw ingredients, and varied and healthy food which needs to be both delicious and appetising. This emphasis has yielded good results and we see signs of this in the regular health checks we conduct on our staff. We have made a big effort to reduce food waste and we were the first company to adopt food-print standards, which show the carbon footprint of food so that employees can make a better-informed decision about their personal consumption. No two days here are alike and I tackle fun assignments with good colleagues every day."

Benedikt Jónsson, Head Chef

Emphasis is placed on flexibility at work“

Íris Eva Einarsdóttir

"I’m a geologist and 2nd level engineer and oversee the sampling of the high-temperature, low-temperature and cold water for Reykjavik Energy’s Development division. Sampling is important because samples give us a picture of the status of natural resources and help us to utilise them in a responsible and sustainable manner. We want to pass them on to future generations in good condition. It is a privilege to get to work with all these great people, my colleagues are helpful and we work together to find the best ways of solving tasks, whether they concern the treatment of natural or human resources. Reykjavik Energy is family-friendly and a lot of emphasis is placed on flexibility at work and striking a good balance between work and our private lives."

Íris Eva Einarsdóttir, Project Manager of Sampling, Development

A good working atmosphere and dynamic social life“

Þorvaldur Smári Valgarðsson

"I suppose variety is the first word that springs to mind when I describe my job. Projects are varied and we also place an emphasis on having a varied working group when it comes to gender and age distribution. This tallies with the company’s non-discrimination policy, and results in a great diversity in the workplace and a very broad knowledge base. This in turn enables us to provide our customers with the best possible service. The operations of Reykjavik Energy are very extensive: operating power plants, the production and distribution of electricity, hot and cold water and management of sewerage systems and fibre optics. In one way or another, we serve over 70% of the population and the tasks we are called upon to perform therefore vary in nature. And we have fun with a good working atmosphere and dynamic social life."

Þorvaldur Smári Valgarðsson, servicing officer at the service desk