Calls for tender

All procurement processes of Reykjavík Energy and its subsidiaries are electronic through the company’s procurement portal. A list of all active tenders at RE and subsidiaries can be found on the website.

Þverskurður af hitaveituröri

Go to Reykjavík Energy’s procurement portal

The introduction of an electronic tendering system is in accordance with laws and regulations on electronic communications and the provision of information in procurement processes for public procurement.

Those interested in participating in procurement processes are encouraged to register on the procurement portal.

We recommend that bidders familiarize themselves with the portal and prepare for the submission of inquiries and the submission of tenders well in advance. Reykjavík Energy’s Procurement staff seeks to assist tenderers in the use of the portal, provided that a request is received in good time, no later than one working day before the relevant deadline.

Send an email to procurement