Crisis management

The Crisis Management committee at Reykjavik Energy performs the function of preparing the company and its subsidiaries to cope with emergency situations in an organised and systematic manner in order to:

  • prevent casualties
  • limit damage to constructions in the utility areas of the Group
  • Minimise negative environmental impact
  • ensure energy delivery as much as possible in cases of prolonged emergencies.
  • ensure the delivery of safe and healthy water

The emergency plan applies to the entire Group, all its activities and all employees. It describes responsibilities, powers and the division of tasks, channels, responses and assistance in the event of emergencies.

The CEO of Reykjavik Energy is the chairperson of the Crisis Management committee. It also includes the managing directors of Veitur Utilities, ON Power and the Reykjavik Fibre Network in addition to the director of environmental affairs and head of security. Also working with the Crisis Management team are the heads of the Monitoring Centre and Chief Communications Officer.