Environmental objectives

Reykjavík Energy is one of the biggest companies in Iceland and its performance and that of its subsidiaries in environmental issues is therefore important.

Reykjavík Energy's environmental objectives:


  • To place a great deal of emphasis on water conservation, the responsible management of water resources and ensure the long-term supply of potable water
  • Show responsibility in its management and production from low-temperature resources
  • Show responsibility in its management and production from high-temperature resources, to reduce hydrogen sulphide emissions and release geothermal fluids in a responsible manner
  • Show responsible management of sewage systems
  • Manage waste in a responsible manner
  • To continue to apply effective procedures to restore disturbed areas
  • Be at the forefront of eco-friendly transport

The operations of the Reykjavik Energy Group are certified in accordance with environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Environmental and resource policy