Changes to market making agreement

4. sep 2020


Reykjavik Energy (OR) has valid market making agreements with Arion Bank, Islandsbanki, Landsbanki and Kvika Bank in OR's bond series; OR180255 GB, OR020934 GB and OR090546, see previous news releases regarding market making agreement.

OR has made an addendum to this agreement which entails that the amount of bonds a market maker can temporarily borrow is increased from a nominal amount of ISK 60m to a nominal amount of ISK 120m. This change is effective from September 4th 2020. To meet its lending obligations under the market making agreement, OR will issue additional bonds in each series for a nominal value of ISK 80m.

Total outstanding nominal value of the series is as follows: OR180255 GB nominal value of ISK 20,131,000,000, OR020934 GB nominal value of ISK 5,295,000,000 and OR090546 nominal value of ISK 20,021,243,199.